The man who found the largest Viking treasure in the UK will receive a £2 million

The man who found the largest Viking treasure in the UK will receive a £2 million

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2017-06-14 20:59:34

A metal detector who discovered the “richest collection” of Viking rare items ever found in the UK is going to receive a reward of about £ 2 million. Derek McLean discovered the 10th-century treasure, which includes silver bracelets and pins, a gold ring, a metallic Christian cross with enamel and a golden bird-shaped brooch in a region in the Dumfries and Galloway regions in 2014.

He gave the collection of objects to experts in the Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (QLTR), who decided that the 100 different items would be available at the National Museum of Scotland (NMS), which means that McLean will receive 1.98 Millions of pounds for his discovery.

This amount is excessive and reflects the purchasing value of the items found. The rules on discoveries in Scotland predict that only the discoverer of ancient objects receives payment, which is different in the rest of the United Kingdom, where the awards are shared with the landlord. The NMS has six months to raise funds.

David Harry, from QLTR, described the collection of objects found in Galloway as an internationally important discovery and “one of the most important finds ever discovered in Scotland”.

He said: “I am pleased to announce that I am ready to accept the recommendation of the Scandinavian Archaeological Center for the Granting of Patents (Safap) and that these wonderful objects will be made available to the National Museum of Scotland, provided that the discoverer will receive a reward »

Dr. Gordon Rindul, director of the Scottish National Museum, said: “The treasure of Galloway is of international importance and we are absolutely excited that QLTR has decided to place it at the National Museum of Scotland.” “We have six months in front of us to raise £ 1.98 million to obtain this unique treasure for the nation and to ensure that future generations can enjoy it both internally and abroad.”

Most of the treasure is made of silver jewelery, but it also contains textiles and an “excellent collection of precious metals and jewelery making articles”, including rare gold gold, beads, crystals and a decorated silver-plated cup that is considered Byzantine.

NMS said the other findings found in areas around Britain or Ireland were excellent but for a single item, but the treasure of Galloway was unique because it consisted of a variety of objects that shed light on the unknown relationships between people Across Europe in the 10th century.