10+ Of The Funniest Design Fails By ''Crappy Design''

10+ Of The Funniest Design Fails By ''Crappy Design''

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2017-05-16 10:31:58

Have you ever seen something that made you look twice?

Maybe it was a very badly designed sign. An advert off the bus station. Something that made you go “Wait, what?”. Well, I certainly have. Let me remind you that people were paid to do something like this. Dozens of people were a part of it, and yet none of them noticed what a terrible idea it was.

But the internet did.

And the internet never forgets.


#1 In case the very pregnant belly wasn’t enough of an indicator


#2 Two male lions climbing into Noah’s Ark


#3 School bus telling you to quit school


#4 “Multilingual” ad designing fail


#5 Poor flamingo placement


#6 At this point, it’s just weird


#7 Terminator baby


#8 Mirror ceiling in the bathroom toilets


#9 Flower print dress that looks like she had an “accident”


#10 Suit yourself or sh*t yourself?


#11 Apparently, hunting children is fine as long as you do it with a shotgun


#12 Supposed to be “1” with “Emma” on it, but looks phallic with “weed” on it instead


#13 Grammar nazis are rolling in their graves


#14 This is a terrible design for a kids balloon​


#15 Wedding meal choices are all delicious

#16 Who’s idea was this?


#17 Wonderfully installed door lock​


#18 I didn’t notice until I glared at it angrily


#19 The impossible maze, a metaphor for life


#20 No thanks, Hannibal


#21 Artistic kid dies or Artistic kiddies?


#22 “Boss, how about we make a rotating billboard?!”


#23 Solar powered parking meter. In an underground garage.


#24 The necessary peephole next to the glass door


#25 Aren’t computers supposed to be smart?


#26 When you need red but you’re feeling blue


#27 Enter is red with a giant cross next to it and Cancel is green next to an O

#28 Lets hope no child had their legs spread while taking this slide


#29 “Don’t be afraid of the dentist, they’re just trying to make your teeth better!”


#30 When you have to show it’s a guy without showing the nails


#31 Hotel shower vent is just nailed to the tiles


#32 Where? Who? What? Never mind, freaking hurry!


#33 Just how big is this watch?


#34 The most complicated phone number input ever


#35 If you were in a car, would you know what accident to do? Honestly, Intact, no I wouldn’t.


#36 Unrealistic body expectations for men


#37 What is this sign warning me of? Don’t pretend to walk up stairs when you’re clearly walking down?


#38 Hand drier is in a bad spot


#38 Soma Ulte


#40 They’re both right hands, QuizBoards


#41 Don’t give them an actual fire extinguisher, just a picture of one


#42 Non-Action and Stop-Excitement


#43 First comes love, then comes morriage, then comes a boby.


#44 I can haz sockz?


#45 I don’t think that’s a car…